How to join Xenolith

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How to join Xenolith

Post by Ox-Lime on Tue Apr 19, 2016 5:09 pm

To join Xenolith forum, you:
must be a player of Wakfu,
must be in the server Remington,
must be a member of the guild Xenolith in-game.

To become a member of guild Xenolith, you ought to find Ox-Tree, Ox-Lime or Ox-Time online, and ask to join the guild.

Currently the guild is under development, but new members are welcome to join and help us develop the guild faster.

The in-game guild is forum based, which means becoming a member of the guild in-game, you must also register and use the forum, so we can firstly, detect inactive guild members, secondly, be able to inform you of important events in-game and on forum.

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